The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is a combination between various programs which offer career advice and information to active or retiring military members. You can become eligible if you are an active duty service military or a member of the National Guard, if you are a reserves or retiring member, as well as the spouse of a military. You are eligible as well if you are a separating service member during your period of transition into civilian life.

The Transition Assistance Program offers eligible members employment workshops and authorized attendance, according to the space available and to the number of persons enrolled in the program. The Transition Assistance Program offers you counseling, for pre-separation situations, which implies individual assessments, on a one-on- one basis, provided by experienced representatives of the military service.

The Transition Assistance Program advises you throughout the transition process. You are offered briefings about VA benefits where you are instructed about the options offered by the VA programs to his beneficiaries. The Transition Assistance Program offers you information and advice about the education and employment programs which can help you build your skills or start a

career. The Transition Assistance Program allows and helps you to make less difficult the initial transition from a military service member to the new workplace as a civilian. The Government helps you with the overall cost and the necessary training and information.

The Transition Assistance Program requires you participate at a 3-day workshop where you can learn how to search a job and how to make decisions about your career. You will also find out, from the professional-instructed personnel, which are the current occupational conditions and what the labor market requires. You will be taught to build up a professional resume and to properly write a cover letter, as well as how to better prepare and the necessary techniques for an effective interview. At the end, you will be evaluated (according to your employability skills in relation with the job market) and you will be provided a certification and feedback.

The Transition Assistance Program allows military members who have a service-connected disability to enter the Disabled Transition Assistance Program (DTAP). If you qualify, you will be offered an additional training course (which addresses your special needs) for helping you to easily find a suitable job. The Transition Assistance Program offers you the possibility of an online assistance for the transition period and enables you to use a wide variety of tools for searching a job, writing and posting a resume, analyzing your skills and abilities. The Transition Assistance Program advises you to contact the U.S. Department of Labor website or the Transition Assistance Program website.

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP)