TANF stands for “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families” and is designed as a program to help needy families. Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal of this program for the majority of families.


  • Offer assistance to all needy families and their children
  • Eliminate the dependency of limited-income parents by means of promoting work and job preparation
  • Reduce and prevent the incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies
  • Foster the maintenance and formation of 2-parent families

This program is designed and funded to provide benefits to needy families. The bureau is working with families to help them become fully self-sufficient. The main role of this program is to assist lower income families in providing adequate care for their children. There are preventative measures being taken to encourage 2-parent families and reduce dependance of single parent, low-income households. 

TANF Requirements

  • Cooperation with child support
  • Cooperation with TANF work program
  • Compliance with the up-front employment search activities

Understanding The TANF Program 

In 1996 this program substituted the previous welfare programs that are a part of aid to all families. At the present time, this program offers grants on an annual basis in different states and governments. The funds coming from all these grants help in paying off the services and benefits being distributed to the states.

TANF grants are continuously received by state and local governments to assist poor families. This helps ensure that children are being cared for appropriately by fit parents in a healthy environment. For parents the goal is to reduce their dependency by promoting both marriage and job placement.

Families receive financial assistance from the program on a temporary basis. States also have the option of further extending their federal benefits for up to five years. They can also choose to provide extended assistance by means of additional grants and other allocated funds.

The time limit for receiving TANF benefits are around five years or sixty months. Single parents receiving TANF are required to work or actively seeking a job for at least 30hrs in a given week. In all instances they are expected to have a job after they received their assistance. The recipients of the benefits need to be employed in two years’ time.

The main goal of the TANF program is to increase the employment rate among recipients. It also increases the stability and success rates of marriages and reduces illegitimate births. Along with supportive services this program helps adults become self-sufficient and prepare for employment. Dependency issues are minimized among families that rely on government benefits. Through the program, it is expected that adults can become more self-sufficient and prepared for their jobs!

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