The Senior Community Service Employment Program is designed to help low income senior citizens ages 55 and older. The program participants work an average of 20 hours per week and are paid at the very least, the federal minimum wage. Senior citizens participating in the SCSEP program are widely employed in areas of community service activities. The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a community service and work based program for older Americans to help them gain job training and employment. The program provides training for low income and unemployed seniors who meet the program guidelines. Participants are also eligible for employment assistance through American Job Centers.

The goal of the Senior Community Services Employment Program is to help participants gain work experience. The positions range from a wide variety of customer service positions at non-profit and public facilities, such as: Schools, day-care facilities, senior centers and hospitals. SCSEP provides over 40 million community service hours to agencies, allowing them to provide the needed services to underprivileged senior citizens. SCSEP grantees include state agencies and more than 15 non-profit organizations helping to keep this program successful.

The training services provided by the Senior Community Service Employment Program helps to serve as a bridge to unsubsidized employment opportunities for its senior citizen participants. Participants must meet all of the age and income guidelines set in place. In order to participate, participants must be 55 or older, unemployed, and their family income must be no more than 125% of the federal poverty level. 

Enrollment priority is given to veterans and their qualified spouses first, then to individuals who are 65 and older who are disabled, have a low literacy level or limited English proficiency skills, reside in rural areas, are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and have had low employment prospects or have failed to find employment through the offered assistance of the American Job Center System.

The Senior Community Services Employment Program is geared towards helping older Americans gain employment and income despite obstacles such as age and education. For more information on the available programs and job placement, please contact the Older Worker Program closest to you or the US Department of Labor at one of the following resources.

  • US Department of Labor toll free hotline - 1-877- 872-5627
  • US Department of Labor hotline for the hearing impaired- 1-877- 889-5627
  • American Service Locator for the Senior Community Employment Program