The US Government avails many benefits to their citizens as a result of which a site had launched in 2002 i.e. now known as This website provides easily access to information about government benefits for individuals and what are the requirements to get advantages of these benefits. It has operated, managed and supported by Federal agency participants. By the time of launching, it has 55 programs with 10 Federal agencies but now it has been increased to 1200 programs handling by 17 Federal agencies.

There are enormous categories for benefits such as agriculture, business loans, education, child support, and disability assistants etc. Numbers of different job opportunities programs are available for needy families people like Transition Assistant Program (TAP), Fulbright Programs, and Community Service Block Grant etc. Among them one of the programs is Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI) which creates and evaluates various ways of employment and business for individuals. It has been managed by US department of health and human services.

It also helps an individual through self employment, develop new business strategies for existing business to expand more, build new business programs, technical as well as financial support. It’s a free site to visit and additional benefits programs are created in every year. Such program enhances self sufficiency for low income people and needy families. No funds are required for the JOLI programs therefore families or individual can directly deal with members of JOLI without hesitation. It is the best way to transform our community by empowering individuals, creating opportunities and providing hope.

There is built-in computer software application having multiple questionnaires; a candidate has to answer all the possible questions to know about eligibility criteria or to find the benefit details accordingly. In JOLI, program requirement is that anyone in the family must have or eligible to get Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or if one person in household then annual income must be less than $10,380; if two then $14,570. For each additional member add $3,470 annually.

To apply for benefits, there are numerous JOLI centre across the country. You have to contact them to know about application process or go through the available websites i.e. .

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