The Job Accommodation Network is a program provided by the United States Department of Labor’s office of Disability Employment Policy. The Job Accommodation Network is one of several Office of Disability Employment Policy technical assistance centers. JAN facilitates the employment and retention of workers with disabilities by providing employers, employment providers, people with disabilities, their family members, and other interested parties with information on job accommodations and related subjects. The Job Accommodation Network’s efforts are in support of the employment, including self-employment and small business ownership, of people with disabilities. 

Job Accommodation Network’s consultants, each specially trained and educated, provide information on accommodations for all types of implements, including sensory, motor, cognitive, and psychiatric conditions. Information is also available about rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Job Accommodation Network continues to provide resources for Veterans and returning wounded and injured military, including support for Americas heroes at work.

The Job Accommodation Network also provides information on entrepreneurship for people who have disabilities. Each inquiry is handled on a case by case basis, offering self-employment expertise and referrals regarding business planning, financing strategies, marketing research, disability-specific programs, income supports and benefits planning-commerce, independent contracting, home-based business options and small business initiatives for disabled veterans. Job Accommodation Network customers can expect to receive resources personally tailored to their specific goals and receive ongoing support.

The Job Accommodation Network does not provide employment rather provides information to job seekers. The program also provides technical assistance in both English and Spanish, and is free of charge via telephone, email, chat and postal mail. All communications are confidential and available to employers, medical and rehabilitation professionals, people with disabilities; as well as anyone who is interested in workplace accommodations. Consultants with Job Accommodation’s Network also provide information through other media outlets such as webcasts on various subjects and concerns related to disabilities or limitations in the workplace.

The Job Accommodations Network also provides local, distant and remote training events. The Job Accommodation Network provides a long list of resources both for disabled individuals seeking employment and employers seeking to employ disable individuals. Visit and the other resources below to find full list of contacts and resources for the JAN program. 

Both Employers and employees looking to find out more information on the Job Accommodation Network should take advantage of the online JAN resources. Jan offers phone numbers, live chat and email contact options, all of which can be accessed bellow: