The Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a set of programs which provide benefits for unemployed workers. To become eligible for the program you have to meet all the requirements of the program which is offered through the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Unemployment Insurance Program requires you be a registered unemployed (either totally or partially) and have received a certain number of wages for being able to establish a claim. You are not allowed to be an unemployed through your fault and you have to be physically able to work as well as to be available for the working hours.

The Unemployment Insurance Program requires you be ready and to accept the work as soon as you are accepted for the job. You have also to prove that you had looked for a job in an actively manner.

The Unemployment Insurance Program doesn’t allow you the payment unless you are not been approved (before the training period).

The Unemployment Insurance Program requires you submit an online certification or a phone certification to be eligible to receive the program’s benefits; you may be required to schedule for a phone interview if your certification doesn’t provide the necessary information to be certified. If the information you provide isn’t adequate, your benefits may be reduced or even denied and you are allowed to appeal to this decision.

The Unemployment Insurance Program requires you, in case you had quit or you had been fired from your job, have a phone interview while the separation issue is tried to be resolved. You have to provide your interviewer all the details and information required; the interviewer will document this information with your employer and then will decide (based on law and applicable regulations) whether you can or you cannot become an eligible claimant for receiving the program’s benefits.

The Unemployment Insurance Program allows you to enroll in training for getting increased job opportunities. You are required to provide information about all your employers for whom you had worked during the last 18 months before you claim your benefits (you have to provide the business name, the employer’s name, the period you were employed there, how much you had earned there and the way you were receiving your payments). You have to specify which the reason for which you are no longer working with your employer is. The benefits may also be allowed after you are scheduled a phone interview.

The Unemployment Insurance Program requires you have the legal right or the necessary permits for working in the United States.

The Unemployment Insurance Program advises you contact your state agencies or the Unemployment Insurance Program website. You can also call at 1-866- 487-

2365 or the toll-free number: 1-877- 889-5627.