If you're in need of housing assistance, download the FRAA Housing Guide below. It will guide you through the various available assistance programs and how best to apply.



Many landlords participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Seciton 8) or other low-income housing programs will check your credit score prior to leasing to you. If discrepancies are found, your tenancy may be rejected.

Knowing your credit score beforehand, regardless of whether it is good or bad, can prevent untimely hang-ups with landlords and low-income housing administrators.

Therefore we highly recommend you get your most recent credit score before applying for low-income housing.


Once you have your most recent credit score, download your FRAA Housing Guide below.



Remember, if approved for low-income housing assistance, you will enjoy these benefits:


Checks Sent to Your Landlord

If approved for Section 8 housing, your landlord will receive monthly checks on your behalf to go toward your rent.

Clean and Safe Living

Government housing programs are designed to help low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities afford safe and clean housing.

Peace of Mind

With a safe home and financial assistance to pay your rent, you can relax and focus on other important areas of life.




A Section 8 housing approval does not guarantee you an apartment. You will still need to complete a tenant application with a landlord.

In addition to a credit check, landlords often perform background checks prior to renting. Regardless of your background, you should know what's on it before your potential landlord does.

Also, housing agencies may run a CORI check before granting housing assistance.

A CORI is a check through the Criminal Offender Record Information system. This lets housing agencies know if there are any arrests or convictions for drug-related or violent criminal activity. If there are arrests on your record, you can usually appeal them in person with your local housing agency.

Knowing your background beforehand allows you to clear up any discrepancies, and to know what your potential landlord will be seeing.


*Even if you have never been convicted of a crime, we still recommend that you complete your background check, as police and government agencies often have errors in their databases.



Download the FRAA Housing Guide

Thank you for requesting the FRAA Housing Guide. Now that you have your credit score and background record, download the Family Resource Housing Guide here. It's full of information that can help you acquire low-income housing assistance, rental assistance, Section 8 housing vouchers, foreclosure avoidance, and more. Download here.