Finding And Applying For Scholarships

With the steady rise in education costs, the need to consider financial information is becoming all the more important. Thankfully, programs have been created in efforts to help individuals reduce the amount of out of pocket expenses.

When looking at your financial aid options, make sure you research everything you may qualify for. We have outlined below a guide to assist you in the process of applying for various scholarships. With most decisions in the life, the more information you have, the better prepared you will be.

Finding Legitimate Scholarships

Finding scholarships can seem like a daunting task. Try some of these free sources:

  1. Financial Aid Office
  2. High School Counselor
  3. U.S. Department of Labo
  4. Federal Agencies
  5. Library Reference System
  6. Employer
  7. Religious Community

Scams are constantly trying to pull your personal information. Make sure the information and offers are legitimate. You will never be asked to pay to apply, or purchase something to be considered. Do not put your credit card or banking information in for them to send you money. The best way to reduce your risk is to do your research and dig into each provider. With a little effort, most valid organizations can be found.

When to Apply

All scholarships are different and have different times that they are being offered. Be sure to research the provider’s information, scholarship qualifications, and how to apply. Carefully complete all of the required information, and be sure to be on time. Most scholarship do have a deadline.

Where Does The Money Go

This depends upon each scholarship provider. There will some the go directly to you school, where is it applied to your dues. Others may be sent to you via check, and require you to pay these fees. Most will clearly outline their policy, but when in question, be sure to ask the provider.

Do Scholarships Affect Other Student Aid

Yes. The amount of money that you get on scholarship will affect your student financial aid. Based on your schools tuition, student aid and scholarships must not equal more than your cost of attendance at your school. Be sure to let your financial advisors know of your awarded scholarships so they may make the necessary deductions for those that also  

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