Emergency Rental Assistance

Keeping up with rent payments can often-times be difficult. With the economy still struggling to return to previous levels and unemployment rates remaining unchanged, coming up with rent on the 1st of every month can be challenging for many individuals and families. Fortunately, there are federal, state, and local programs that have been established to help you during these difficult financial times. The programs vary from state to state and resources can be limited, but the goal of each program is the same: to provide emergency funds to individuals and families so they avoid evictions and/or homelessness. 

These programs and the funds available are provided as an emergency tool and are provided on an as-needed basis to those who apply and qualify. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining who to award this financial assistance to, but generally families, seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities are given priority when allocating these funds. It is also important to note that, as the name suggests, these are emergency funds to be used for rent on a short term basis. This means that it is imperative that individuals show a strong willingness to improve their financial situation. In many cases this is a stipulation for receiving the funds. You must be actively seeking employment and working towards improving your financial situation and returning to self-sufficiency if physically capable.

If you are facing eviction or are concerned that you may soon not be able to pay rent then you will want to begin the application process now. Since these programs are setup for emergency situations the funding limits are often quickly reached. When applying, make sure you've properly completed the application so that untimely delays are less likely to occur. Keep in mind that each program and each state can vary slightly, so be sure gather all the appropriate information before beginning the application process. 

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