The Disabled Veterans Outreach Program is designed to help the disabled veterans of America with job placement. DVOP contributes intensive services to meet the needs of disabled veterans and other eligible veterans, with a major emphasis on serving those who are financially and educationally limited. This includes, veterans who are homeless and veterans who have been unable to obtain employment due to barriers and especially those who face homelessness. DVOP specialist aim services to all veterans, including special disabled veterans.

The program provides funding through state employment security agencies to support staff positions to develop and provide positions to disabled and other qualified veterans. The programs goal is to promote and develop on the job training, apprenticeships, and other job training opportunities in both private and federal training programs in order to decrease unemployment rates among veterans.

The general program eligibility and program requirement vary by state. Eligibility is designated by each states governor. Applications for federal assistance are to be submitted to the director for veteran’s employment and training in each state. The approval and denial time for the program is ninety days following the submission of an application, pending the availability of a fiscal year appropriation.

All applications for the Disabled Veterans Outreach program require pre application coordination. This program is eligible for coverage under the intergovernmental review of federal programs. An applicant should consult the office or official designated as the single point of contact in his or her state for more information on the process that his or her state requires to be followed when applying for DVOP assistance.

The Disabled Veterans Outreach Program has specialist actively involved in seeking veterans to increase program participation. Constant outreach efforts are used to increase participation among those with the greatest barriers to employment which may include: outplacement in the department of veteran’s affairs, vocational rehabilitation and employment program offices, DVA medical center, Routine site visits to veteran’s services organization meetings, Native American Trust Territories, military installations and other known areas of concentration of veterans.

The Disabled Veterans Outreach Program is dedicated to serving those who are disadvantaged and breaking down the employment barriers for disable and underprivileged veterans. The following can help to provide you with further contact information and how to locate your state department for applications: