Veterans Workforce Investment Program (VWIP) is a grant allowed through eligible organizations which provide resources, opportunities and the necessary training for the eligible veterans to increase their chances to be employed. The main objective of VWIP is to develop the labor force and to stimulate the strategies of an effective service delivery.

Veterans Workforce Investment Program allows eligible organizations to participate within a competitive grant process and then be able to offer all this services to veterans. The organizations allowed to participate in the program are those of the state or the local investment boards which provide workforce services, as well as private non-profit or local public organizations, community-based or state agencies.

Veterans Workforce Investment Program establish that you are eligible if you are familiarized with the population in the area to be served and you may have the ability to schedule and coordinate an effective and organized program. You also have to be able to start the activity immediately after the grant is awarded. Veterans Workforce Investment Program doesn’t allow fundraising activities and it requires you prove your ability to administer the federal funds. Veterans Workforce Investment Program allows you to make hiring decisions based on your personal religious belief (Workforce Investment Act, Title I). Veterans Workforce Investment Program allows as eligible participants in the program the following categories of veterans:

  • Those who prove a service-connected disability;
  • Those who prove to have had problems with being employed;
  • Those who had served the armed forces during a war or during an active
  • duty campaign;
  • Those who have received a campaign badge within an expedition campaign;
  • Those who prove to be recently separated.

Veterans Workforce Investment Program requires that you haven’t received a dishonorable discharge as you become an ineligible candidate for the VWIP services. Veterans Workforce Investment Program requires you register with the CCR (Federal Central Contractor Registry) prior to apply. You have to register on-line, on the CCR official registrant database. The CCR is a U.S. Federal Government database where your information is collected and validated. You won’t be required any payment for registration and you will be provided with step-by- step instructions. The Federal Central Contractor Registry and the necessary instruction and information for your registration can be found here.

Veterans Workforce Investment Program requires you to submit the necessary evidence which proves a financial management that has to be satisfactory and show your capability to manage the granted financial resources. Veterans Workforce Investment Program can be accessed by contacting your nearest VETS office (which you will find listed in your phone book under U.S. Department of Labor of the U.S. Government).

Veterans Workforce Investment Program (VWIP)