Quick Guide: How to Benefit from Housing Choice Vouchers?

By Michelle N.

Due to their ability to help anyone cut back on their expenditures, who would say no to vouchers? Malls, beauty shops, restaurants, salons – they all give out discounts to their loyal consumers from time to time, after they have reached a certain requirement that the brand has pre-set.

The concept of housing choice vouchers is not far from this. The program is created to support the PWDs, the elderlies and the low-earning families so that they can manage to pay for a decent and safe home. These vouchers are a lifesaver for families in the U.S. that are striving to have a comfortable house that they can be proud of, even if the odds are against them. It gives them hope that someday, somehow, they will be able to earn more than enough to afford their own home without outside help.

It is just quite lucky for them that the federal administration has thought of creating this huge program, as a lot of people may be depending on it now. But…

How Do Housing Choice Vouchers Work?

  1. Save Your Spot. It is not only your family that needs the government’s backing, that’s why you need to apply at the nearest Public Housing Agency (PHA) in order to save your spot. They will decide whether you are eligible for the assistance program or not. Generally, the size of the family and their net gross income (which should be less than 50% of the county’s average earnings) are what they are looking at before making the decision.

  2. Pick Your House. Once the PHA officials have determined that you can avail a housing choice voucher, you can start looking for your new residence. Simply remember that the voucher can be used even in non-subsidized housing units, as long as they meet the sanitary and safety requirements of the program, and the agency and the landlord have come to a certain agreement.

  3. Start Living in a Safer Place. The main goal of this platform is to make life easier for you and your family. What being a housing choice voucher recipient means is that PHA will directly pay your landlord with the housing subsidy that is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Now, you just have to think about a portion of your real rent.