Donald Trump's Views on Government Policies & More

By Ana H.

The Republican Donald Trump is one of the United States’ candidates in the presidential election of 2016 which is going to take place on 8th November 2016. He considers himself as the most shrew and one of the more tough politicians, but he did become famous for his entrepreneurship skills, not politics.

As a presidential election candidate, he is well known for his strong opinions regarding various subjects such as taxes, healthcare, the foreign policy, social issues or the Second Amendment.

Donald Trump has declared to be very alike with the fiscally conservative Tea Party supporters, as they share the same principles. However, when he was asked about his opinions on Planned Parenthood, he was a bit evasive and declared he wanted to remain "unpredictable”. But, at a certain point, he stated that his position regarding the issue is that the Planned Parenthood has to be defunded.

Donald Trump is also very vehement regarding the drug dealers from Mexico against whom he intends to build a wall to separate Mexico from the United States. 

Donald Trump is considered to be a tax reform supporter who thinks that only by cutting the taxes will the investments flourish and jobs can become easier to find. Thus, the people will become wealthier and the government’s revenues will be greater.

Donald Trump hinted another target (which is common to all Republicans and conservatives): the Education Department. He considers that its power should be well limited as the decisions about the curriculum as well as other administrative issues are better to be managed statewide by the Government.

Donald Trump declares to agree with the savings accounts’ idea, but he is against the ObamaCare program which he sustains to be a disaster.

Regarding the foreign policy, Donald Trump has shown his distrust against China’s cheating the United States. He says that China manipulates and devalues the United States’ currency.

Donald Trump supports the Second Amendment in „its strongest form” by being a defender of the Universal Background Checks and the Assault Weapon Ban. He supports his point of view arguing that being armed means to be better protected against criminal attacks and better prepared to prevent and to fight against terrorism. 

The Republican candidate has spoken against the gay marriage saying that the present values have changed, but the marriage is still a union between a man and a woman.

Donald Trump can be considered a very colorful presence in the presidential election campaign whose political views and opinions have been very intriguing.