Black Friday, In Spring?

April 11, 2016 by Jake M.

If you are one of those consumers that loves to wake up before the break of dawn only to get that new action figure for your kids or that Best Buy 4K television, then you may want to hear this! During spring, Home Depot and Lowes are having what they call a special ‘Spring Black Friday’ sale. Now you have the chance to get all the wall tiles and yard mulch you could ever want!

These sales do last longer than for just half a day or even a full day. Lowe’s sale starts April 11th and lasts through April 18th, so you don’t have to worry about pitching a tent outside of the building or fighting your way through.

But Really, This Is A Thing

Retailers love to sell their products and there are times in which huge sales can draw in customers and also help them rid of their excess inventory. Black Friday rings ‘cheap’ as consumers hear the word. Therefore, retailers want to have promotions that make the same sound to the ears of their consumers. “Cheap,” “Discount,” or “Super Sale.” It allows for easy campaigns for brands to turn and grab consumers. Let’s say in the case of Home Depot, that decks, yards, gardens took a huge hit from the winter weather, they can use this in order to see a boost in sales from the need of products to repair these issues. If you’re like me, you’re also keeping a close eye on the grills and outdoor furniture for BBQ season.

Use It, But Don’t Lose It

By that, I mean if you are in need of products that are on sale, then get what you need, however, do not ‘lose it’ and go crazy buying the entire store. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t find good deals at other points in the year. Be careful, understanding what means you need to and should live by. Last thing you want to ever do is go into debt (credit card specifically) to buy things that you might not even need. (Doing this will cause for increased odds of a decrease in your credit scores. It can increase the amount of available credit you are using and place you in a spot where you might miss a payment).

One of these places might have a killer deal that you want to jump on, but a wise consumer will shop around and make sure they really are getting the best deal.