The Anatomy of Housing Choice Vouchers

By Callie S.

People say that help is always available for those who need it the most. It must be true, because there are various grants and platforms all over the world that are leaning towards giving the less fortunate the extra boost that they require so as to live a better life.

One of these programs gives housing choice vouchers to certain families in the United States. It has apparently been aiding millions of members of the American population that receive low wage every year.

In case you are barely aware of housing choice vouchers and want to know more about it, allow us to answer 3 W's and 1 H questions revolving around this ultra-helpful program.

Who can avail the voucher?

The housing choice voucher program is for U.S. citizens who generally do not have the means to rent or own a clean and safe home if they only depend on their wages. They can either be elders, persons with disabilities, or families of very low annual income.

When can you get the voucher?

If you are deemed to be eligible for this assistance, when you can get the voucher will depend on the number of people who have also been granted the voucher in your area. Sometimes it can be had immediately; other times, you have to be on the waiting list for a while.

Where can they be used?

Another advantage that you may get from housing choice vouchers is the fact that your options are not restricted to the housing projects that are subsidized by the government. If you have picked a townhouse or an apartment that complies with the sterile and security requirements that the authorities have set, and the property owner is fine with the arrangement, then you will be one step closer to living in a place where you do not have to worry every time about your safety.

How do vouchers work?

How it is pulled off is that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUB) sends federal funds to your local PHA first. Then, the PHA will be giving the house subsidy straight to the proprietor. What is left of the main rent after the subsidy has been paid for is what the family will be paying.