List of 16 States With High Identity Theft Issues

March 15, 2016 by Jake M.

As technology grows, so do the chances of having your identity stolen. Identity theft has become a huge problem and it only continues to evolve. The Consumer Sentinel Network (Database used by Federal Trade Commission & more), received nearly 500,000 complaints regarding identity theft issues in 2015. Those complaints had increased 47% from 2014 and 69% from 2013. That is a tremendous, and terrifying amount of growth. It has become the second most common source of consumer complaints, next to debt collection.

The number of complaints facing identity theft only show some of the crime’s reach, because there are victims who still do not file any complaints. Enough victims are actually unaware that they have even had their identity stolen. Meaning, identity theft occurred more than the reported 490,220 complaints in 2015. With those attacks, it is highly likely it recklessly destructed the victim's’ credit scores as it took over.

Below is a chart of the states where identity theft was most common last year in 2015. The key will describe the meanings of the numbers in parenthesis. 

It can be a terrifying experience to find that your identity has been stolen. It costs a vast amount of time and money to get through the process of repairing the theft. Those individuals that are stealing identities can severely damage your credit scores and finances in general. The more information they get, the more powerful they become over your data and information. Beware of any signs of identity theft among your accounts and devices. You will want to monitor your credit score regularly and you can get those reports at

Other than the options of freezing your credit or placing a fraud alert on your credit files to prevent any new-account fraud, there is not a whole lot you can to do stop a thief from abusing your information. You will need a plan if this were to happen. If you notice any suspicious activity, let the police know, then take other actions to resolve the issue the best you can.