Government Assistance Programs and How to Apply

SNAP Benefits

SNAP means Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  The program is referred to as food stamps before and it is a nutrition program that aids in helping people stretch their food budget and in buying healthy food. SNAP Benefits is used in purchasing food at convenient and grocery stores, co-op food programs and selected farmer’s markets. This benefit is given to the holder every month through a plastic card which is called Electronic Benefit Transfer card. EBT works similar to how a debit card works. SNAP Benefits no longer uses paper coupons.

TANF Program

This program is designed and funded to provide a lot of benefits for needy families. The bureau is working with families in order for them to be fully self-sufficient. The main role of this program is on assisting poor families in taking good care of their children. There are preventative measures being undertaken for the encouragement of 2-parent families and reduction of dependency of poor parents. They are being assisted throughout the preparation on their respective jobs. 

LIHEAP - Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program

LIHEAP helps families by means of inventiveness that support those with low income with their energy cost. They offer federally subsidized support in managing the charge that is related with the energy emergencies, home energy charges and energy-related or weatherization of minor household maintenances. With LIHEAP family with low income can stay warm even in the cold weather and keep you cool in hot temperature. LIHEAP helps to lessen the danger of safety and health complications that ascends from hazardous heating or cooling practices. Aside from helping low-income families with their bills, this program also makes supplies services such as emergency heating system facilities as well as emergency fuel assistance. 

CHIP - Child Health Insurance Plan

Chip is a program that offers health insurance benefits to children in all 50 states. Children in households with incomes less than $47,700 annually may qualify for this benefit which insures proper medical coverage and health benefits for our children. This is an essential program for low income families to help keep their children health and safe.

Section 8 Housing

Section 8 housing is the common name for the Choice Housing Voucher Program. This is a program which offers government subsidies to help low income families afford rent payments in single family homes and apartments. The income limits vary by state and you can find more information under the states agency page on this website. Apply early and apply often for you best chance and obtaining a Choice Housing Voucher.

FDPIR Program - Food Distribution Program for Indian Reservations

FDPIR Benefits means Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations. The program is administered by the Food and Nutrition Service at the federal level. FNS is an agency that is part of the US Department of Agriculture. At the local level, the program is administered by an agency from the state’s government or by the Indian Tribal Organizations. Presently, there are about 276 tribes that are receiving FDPIR Benefits under the program of FDPIR. FDPIR Benefits are received through 5 State agencies and 100 ITOs. 

School Lunch Program

The School lunch program is a federally assisted program which offers balanced meals and nutrition in public schools for lower income families. This program ensures that children in public schools are offered the same nutritious meals that the other students receive at low or no cost to the parents and families. This ensures that your children are eating and receiving the nutrition they need while at school.

SSI - Supplemental Security Income

The Supplemental Security Income Program offers federally allocated funds to seniors aged 65 and older in additional to the blind and individuals with other disabilities. This program offers gauranteed income to those who meet the above requirements to ensure that ones age or ability does not determine ones ability to thrive in their respective communities. If you meet any of the above requirements be sure to apply today to claim your Supplemental Security Income.

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